We are firm believers in the idea that no American should pay even one dollar more in taxes than is absolutely required by law. As a CPA with over thirty year’s experience helping people to reduce taxes to the legal minimum, I’ve come to understand that the best way for the average person to legally reduce their tax bill is to own and operate a small or home-based business. We are also experts when it comes to successfully defending people who have IRS tax problems and may have received a collection notice, levy notice, lien notice or audit notice.

It has been our company’s mission to help our clients to recognize and LEGALLY utilize the numerous tax deductions Congress has provided for small and home businesses. This holds true whether you are in need of IRS problem resolution or structuring your small business to take appropriate and LEGAL advantage of the tax code.”

Have You Received an Audit Notice, Levy Notice or Collection Notice?

If you’ve received an audit notice, levy notice or a collections notice from the Internal Revenue Service, you know the type of fear this can cause. The good news is that you do not have to go it alone. Most people have a deep-seated fear of the IRS, and rightly so, because the IRS can hurt you financially in ways that no one else can. However, even the seemingly almighty IRS is supposed to abide by the law. However, it is not uncommon for them to use unsavory and even illegal tactics against taxpayers. What you need is someone on your side with a proven tack record of defending law abiding citizens who may have received an IRS notice. We have been highly successful in helping hundreds of taxpayers with their IRS tax problems since 1982.

You may be wondering, should I defend myself if I receive an IRS notice? Can my tax preparer properly represent me before the IRS? Do I need an attorney if I receive a collection notice? How much will it cost if I receive a levy notice? Is an audit notice a bad thing? The simple answer to ALL of these questions is, IT DEPENDS! Every IRS tax problem has its own set of unique circumstances and we address every IRS problem in a unique manner. To assist and educate you we offer a free phone consultation to discuss your particular situation, and weigh your options. We are not here to make you empty promises, we are here to help solve IRS tax problems.

IRS Tax Issues and the IRS Representation Process

Here’s what to expect when you engage us to help you with your IRS tax problem. We review your case in depth to determine whether we can help you or not. There are some cases we will not take because we believe they can’t be won. If we don’t think we can help you or we feel we can’t win your case then the last thing you need is the financial burden of paying for help that produces no results. Once we know we can be of real help to you regarding your IRS issue, we will then devise a strategy tailored to your specific needs. After that it is a matter of following through and making sure the IRS plays by the rules.

The IRS game is likely to take many twists and turns depending on the type of IRS tax issue you have. Once we have determined what your outcome should be, it becomes a matter of knowing the law and making sure the IRS to abides by the law and the rules. Our approach has always been aggressive, while ethically staying on the right side of the tax law to defend you and help you with your IRS tax problem.

When you arrange for your Free Phone Consultation with us you will speak directly with Tom Buck. Tom will review your case, set the proper strategy and supervise all the activities involved in preparing and presenting your case. You will be actively involved and kept informed throughout the entire process so that you aren’t left fearing and wondering what is happening.

Caution and Due Diligence Regarding Tax Problems and Other IRS Issues

Right now when you watch TV you regularly see advertising from companies promising to help with IRS issues and tax problems. We suspect some of them may be reputable and even capable of helping you should you receive an audit notice, levy notice or a collections notice. However, we must stress that extreme caution is needed here. Many of our clients have come to us after hiring one of these big, faceless companies because they may never talk to the same person regarding their IRS issue, never get a timely call back, or they’ve slipped through the cracks and missed important deadlines that can cause you additional IRS problems. Research the company you are planning to work with, make sure they have documented testimonials from people they have properly defended who have received a levy notice, audit notice or a collections notice. Go online and search for reviews or complaints on the company(s) you are considering using to defend you regarding your IRS issue. BEWARE – if the first person you speak with is a salesperson, you are probably not dealing with the best company.