About Tom

portrait_tom_buckA graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Tom Buck has built a successful career on his skill in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. That skill and tenacity was acquired when, in the early 1980’s, the IRS began auditing casino employees. Tom, who had worked his way through college as a craps dealer at Harrah’s in Reno, was called upon to come to the aid of his former co-workers. It was then that Tom found his true calling – in the world of Tax Savings and IRS Problem Solving.

Since that time, Tom has assisted thousands of taxpayers in dealing with a variety of IRS related issues. As a CPA, Tom has never lost an audit before the IRS. There have been cases that Tom has refused and others where a compromise was required, but in terms of providing positive results for his clients, Tom’s record remains intact. Tom is, without question, one of the very best at what he does. A client list that includes doctors, lawyers and business professionals from around the country is testimony to his reputation for excellence.

In the early years of Tom’s practice, he found it necessary to office out of his home. He offices from home now, by choice. Like so many young entrepreneurs, the money wasn’t there for a fancy office so working at home just made sense. In doing so, Tom set out to learn more about the tax savings that working from home can offer. Here, he found his passion – saving hard-working Americans thousands of dollars year after year by utilizing the tax laws to reduce the amount of income tax they pay when they operate a small business. Having an office at home is simply icing on the cake.

Tom set out to apply the tax laws aggressively, and reap the benefits for himself and his clients. What he discovered was both disappointing and inspiring. He found that very few so called “tax professionals” were well versed in home based business tax law and of those that were, only a handful were offering those advantages, in their entirety, to their clients. Armed with that information, Tom began to develop and perfect his skills as a teacher and coach while dramatically growing his practice.

Today, Tom is a sought after speaker and teacher. He is a recognized authority on the subject of home based business tax advantages and their application. He stresses “real world” application of the tax laws while giving students the ability to put their newfound information to use in their own lives, and put the resulting tax savings in their pockets. He can do the same for you!