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page_image_common_issuesIRS tax problems come in many types and sizes. Some people need tax help with IRS audit representation. Some have an IRS tax lien or have received an IRS notice of levy – either an IRS wage garnishment or an IRS garnishment of a bank account. Often IRS penalties are added. It is common that an IRS tax lien is placed against real estate. If back tax returns need to be filed or if there are back taxes owed, it is critically important that these IRS tax problems be handled quickly.

Dealing successfully with IRS tax problems requires a unique blend of education, experience (read “street smarts”) and tenacity. The tenacity of a bulldog may be the most critical. Whether it is an IRS tax audit or an IRS levy or an IRS tax lien, we at IRS Problems Solved ® have given tax help and tax advice to thousands of clients since 1982. Our success in providing help with IRS problems is enviable. We have never lost an IRS tax audit. However, there have been some tax audit cases we have declined to take because we have determined they cannot be won. The last thing you need if you are caught up in the IRS audit process is the financial burden of paying for tax help that does not get you to a positive tax resolution. Occasionally we have had to compromise a tax return audit. But the net result is still a “win” because the IRS audit process has resulted in a reduction in the amount of what the IRS audit initially called for.

When someone comes to us needing IRS tax help, peace of mind is one of the first things we provide. Once we have been hired to provide tax resolution, we will obtain a Power-of-Attorney (POA). This allows the IRS to share with us information about the issues involved. The best thing about this is that, in almost all cases, you never have to deal directly with the IRS again – we do that for you.

Don’t allow your IRS tax problems to hold your financial future hostage. If you neglect to get help with IRS issues, eventually the IRS will be living in your house and driving your cars. Don’t delay, get our tax help or tax advice today. You won’t be sorry.

Just Received an IRS Audit Notice?
Hire an Experienced Professional for Your IRS Audit Defense!

IRS audit notices typically come in one of three types. The first IRS tax audit type is one you may be able to handle yourself, depending on how you feel about dealing with your own IRS tax problems. It is called a correspondence tax audit and it comes by mail. It informs you page_image_irs_audit_noticethat an IRS audit change is being proposed because the IRS has determined you did not report all of your income. Usually you have sixty days to dispute the IRS audit findings. If you do the IRS MUST withdraw the tax audit because you have presented a complete tax audit defense by making your dispute. They may decide to approach it again in a subsequent IRS tax audit; however, frequently this tax return audit just goes away. If you do not dispute within sixty days, the IRS wins by default and can begin the IRS collection activities. After that it is much more involved to get a positive tax resolution on such a matter.

The other two most common types of IRS audit are: the tax audit in the local IRS office and the tax audit that occurs in your place of business or in your accountant’s office. Both of these types of internal revenue service audit are much more in depth than the correspondence tax return audit. The IRS tax audit person will expect you to show up at the IRS offices and bring all kinds of records with you. Our office STRONGLY recommends that you do not represent yourself in either one of these types of IRS audit. Once you have provided a Power-of-Attorney authorizing the IRS tax audit personnel to speak with us on your behalf, it is very likely that you will never have to have any personal contact with the IRS audit people again – we stand in your place for you.

We will then represent your case before the Internal Revenue Service audit staff. Your job will be to provide us with the ammunition (records, documentation and the like) with which to help with IRS tax audit defense. We will, with your input, plan the tax audit strategy and present your case for the IRS tax audit. Once we have determined what the outcome of the tax audit should be, and as long as you can provide the necessary records to prove our side of the tax return audit issues, it becomes a matter of us doggedly pursuing the tax return audit process until we prevail.

Occasionally we will conclude that certain IRS tax problems are not winnable, in which event we will decline to take on the case. Sometimes this is because the IRS tax problems are very well established and the IRS tax return audit position has been held up by the Courts. In some other circumstances it becomes apparent that the taxpayer cannot provide the ammunition (proper records and documentation) for us to prevail against the tax return audit.

Our purpose is to provide you with “winning” tax audit defense. If we can’t help you against an IRS audit, then we want to make sure we don’t hurt you further by adding our fees to your financial burdens caused by your IRS tax problems. We plan to do everything we can to keep intact our record of never having lost an IRS audit. Shouldn’t you have a firm with over thirty years experience in successfully providing help with IRS tax audit defense on your side? Call today to see if we help can you with the IRS audit representation you need, and be sure to read some of our many testimonials from satisfied clients we have successfully defended with their IRS tax problems.

IRS Collection Actions, IRS Tax Liens, IRS Notices and How We Can Help with All Your IRS Problems

Once the IRS Collections Division has perfected its right to collect the taxes you owe, they have numerous devices available to them. First, you will receive several IRS notices attempting to collect the taxes you owe. These letters become increasingly more threatening as time moves on and you need to take action immediately to avoid further taxes and penalties. If you ignore these IRS notices long enough you are likely to receive notice of an IRS levy or wage garnishment on your paycheck, or a tax levy on a bank account. This means the IRS levy process is completed and the IRS is actually going to take your paycheck or your bank account. Once this happens it takes a lot more time and effort to help with IRS problems.

You may also receive an IRS tax lien notice. This means that IRS has gotten in line to receive ANY and ALL assets you own. An IRS tax lien can’t get in line ahead of a recorded mortgage holder, but it is immediately ahead of all unsecured or unrecorded creditors, including the credit card companies and even your parents if they made you an informal, unsecured loan.

An IRS tax lien or tax levy will also find its way onto your credit report and has a decidedly negative effect on your ability to get a car or home loan, or even a job. It is wise to make sure that you keep from having the IRS as a creditor because IRS collection actions can hurt in ways no other creditor can.

If Your IRS Tax Problems and Obligations Are More Than You Can Pay We Can Do An Offer in Compromise
The correct technical name is Offer In Compromise although you will hear it called by many other names – for example: offer and compromise, IRS compromise, IRS offer of compromise, tax offer compromise, offer and compromise. Typically, an IRS compromise offer is made when there is no doubt that the balance due is owed. The problem is lack of ability to pay. It is not uncommon to hear people advertising to settle your IRS debt for “pennies on the dollar.” That is what the OIC is about – agreeing that the debt is owed, but having no ability to pay the full amount due.
Many poor taxpayers have been taken advantage of by “mills” that are only interested in collecting your money up front, and then, at BEST, preparing an Offer In Compromise that fails to pass muster at the IRS offer in compromise department. The result is that the tax is still owed AND the fees paid to the IRS compromise preparer are lost and gone.

The process of preparing an IRS offer in compromise is very complex. Here at IRS Tax Problems Solved we have been guiding our clients to successful results with IRS compromise offers since 1995, when the IRS offer in compromise was newly approved by Congress. The IRS does not like to approve these compromises so they must be done correctly and we know how. Contact us to see if you can qualify for an IRS Offer In Compromise.

Unfiled Returns

Whether you’ve missed one year or ten, unfiled tax returns can easily come back to haunt you.
The IRS has access to an unfathomable amount of information and a staff that is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, there is NO statute of limitations on unfiled returns.

Taxpayers who fail to file could end up with SFR’s (Substitute for Returns), happily generated by the IRS for you. Naturally SFR’s include little more than income, tax withholding and standard deductions; no business or itemized deductions that you are legally entitled to. Thia ALWAYS means that the tax calculated by the IRS is higher (usually MUCH higher) than necessary.

The good news is you are entitled to file your own tax returns, but the IRS will quite often put a tax levy on your bank accounts and/or paycheck until the balance owed according to the SFR is paid in full or the actual tax returns are filed and that balance is paid.

If you want to enter a payment arrangement with the IRS for back taxes or want to stop a levy, we can help you get those old tax returns filed. The IRS will not accept payment arrangements until all past due tax returns are filed. Contact us today, we charge a $149.00 deposit for each year that needs to be filed and bill according to the forms required to complete the return. Click here for our Fee Schedule, we have no hidden fees.

State Tax Problems

To a great extent problems with a state tax audit or state tax liens or levies are very similar to those presented by the IRS audit process and the IRS tax levy or the IRS tax lien. The major difference is that there are fifty different state jurisdictions. State departments of revenue are usually tougher to deal with than the IRS – hard to believe, but true.
However, when you have a problem involving a state tax audit or state tax liens or levies, you STILL NEED HELP. We have dealt, for the most part successfully, with many of the states. Usually the tax audit has already been done by the IRS who then inform the states of the tax audit results. The states usually just take the IRS audit numbers and apply the state’s tax rates to determine how much additional tax is owed. So, the states are mainly in the business of collecting additional taxes. We find that we can apply the same techniques to help you with state tax problems that we use to help with IRS problems.

Get Your Free Consultation Regarding any IRS Notice or IRS Tax Problem You Have Received

page_image_free_consultationThe only way we can properly analyze your situation is to have a FREE phone consultation with you. Whether you have an IRS audit and need tax audit defense or you have a collection problem involving an IRS levy or IRS tax lien or even IRS penalties, we have experience in solving those problems.

We encourage you to phone us to make an appointment for your FREE consultation. We will honestly assess you IRS tax problems to determine if we can help. Sometimes we conclude that a case is not winnable. We will NOT take on a case that we don’t feel can be won. Our very high success ratio in providing IRS help and IRS advice depends on our being completely up front with our clients.

If we determine that we can help with IRS audit representation or a tax levy or tax liens, or in drafting an offer in compromise we will tell you how we would proceed, what the chances are of winning and discuss fees.

One thing we can promise is this: Once you have become our client we will do everything in our considerable power, legally, to get the results you hope for.

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