“My clients find him easy to work With”

testimonial_diane_kennedyWhen our clients get an IRS notice there is one thing we tell them they MUST do. That’s call Tom Buck. My clients find him very easy to work with and he gets best results possible. When you get notice of an audit, you need an expert you can count on.
~ Diane Kennedy, CPA Nationally Recognized Tax Strategist, Best selling Author and Speaker, US Tax Aid Services, LLC


“Tom did not over promise but delivered significant result”

I am very pleased to recommend Tom Buck and Buck CPA. As a recent 2009 client I was able to greatly benefit from Tom’s years of experience in dealing with the IRS and IRS issues. With Tom’s experience and help I successfully completed the audit of of my 2006 return with “no change”. This “no change” result virtually eliminated the possibility of additional audits of my 2007 and 2008 returns, so the potential cost savings was tremendous.Tom is knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and genuinely interested in providing a positive outcome. His years of experience in dealing with a variety of IRS Audits and issues give him unique qualifications for navigating through the issues.

Tom spent his time effectively and efficiently to minimize the cost to me but to maximize the effect on the outcome. Unlike other professional services that over promise and under deliver, Tom did not over promise but delivered significant results. It is clear to me that the services of Buck CPA helped me to avoid the many “traps” that the IRS places in the ways of the unsuspecting. Tom provided guidance in how to present the supporting documents and provided all of the necessary communication with the IRS. He was instrumental in providing a successful “no additional tax” outcome that I was looking for. I strongly recommend Buck CPA if you are looking for the most comprehensive and most effective means of dealing with your IRS issue.
~ Donaldson, London, OH


“They fought hard and firm with the IRS”

In 2008, I received a letter from the IRS about taxes I owed. The penalties and interest were 3 times more than what I owed. I tried to resolve this issue on my own but with one phone call I was faced with deep concerns along with not knowing what there were going to try to do with me.

I called Tom Buck CPA, IRS Problems Solved, and I was greeted with compassion and understanding. They fought hard and firm with the IRS and resolved my back tax issues within a short period. I would urge anyone that has any tax issues and need help to call Buck CPA IRS Problems Solved. I am so happy now that my tax issues are resolved and now I have a financial future. I consider Tom and his staff a friend of mine and will use their services for years to come.
~ Steve C.


“He knows his field and he diligently answers all questions”

Last year when I was in search of an accountant to answer some payroll related questions as well as complete my returns, I was referred to Tom. Unlike many others, Tom openly said “I’ll need to research the answer to that,” instead of giving me a partial answer. Further, when part of my situation required services that were outside of his specialty, he openly referred me to someone else, whom he vetted in order to ensure I received quality service.

Tom is a top notch professional, who knows his field and he diligently answers all questions, no matter how mundane and keeps you in the light about your situation. I never wonder what’s going on, as by time I’m about to inquire, Tom provides a status update and the way forward as well as any advice they may have. Finally, I can now say that I use Tom Buck for all of my Wyoming based LLC and Corps, and will continue to do so.Best,
~ Daniel E.


“I think we have the best CPA in the business”

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with your help in starting our new business. You helped guide us around all the pitfalls when it comes to starting a new business. If we have questions you have been readily available to answer those questions. Thanks for your time and services. I will highly recommend you to everyone that is starting a new business or that is dealing with the government. In this world today a person needs a good banker, a good lawyer and a good accountant to run a business. In Tom I think we have the best CPA in the business.
~ Brian L.


“It could have been a very harrowing experience for me”

I wanted to thank you very much of all your help with my IRS Audit. It could have been a very harrowing experience for me. Thankfully, you assistance saved me that turmoil! I am absolutely thrilled that I won – and actually got more money back! You are amazing! It was always so comforting to know that there was someone on my side
~ Judy G.


“Tom successfully guided me through”

I am happy to refer and recommend Tom Buck of Buck CPA in Storm Lake, Iowa. Tom successfully guided me through a very difficult income tax issue. He was always approachable and available. He was tenacious in dealing with the bureaucratic red tape and persevered until we achieved the results we were seeking.
~ Richard E.


“Tom has resolved this problem for me”

I have had the fortunate experience of working with Tom Buck of Buck CPA over the last several months.Several years ago I changed my business from an LLC to a Corporation. During that time period I was current with all payroll tax payments to the IRS. The IRS, however misapplied several payments and began sending notices that I was delinquent in paying payroll tax. After some attempts to clear up the problem on my own, I eventually asked Tom to help resolved the situation.

I have been pleased with the professional manner in which Tom has resolved this problem for me. I have a thick file of correspondence that the IRS sent regarding the matter, and I was able to rely on Tom to deal with this issue. Tom went so far as to take the issue to the Taxpayer Advocate Service when it appeared that working directly with the IRS employees was not going to solved the problem.
I am happy to say that due to the persistent efforts of Tom Buck and his office, the IRS issue has been resolved. I highly recommend Tom’s services and would not hesitate to call him again if I needed his services.
~ Ron P.


“Tom teaches that we should apply the tax law to our advantage”

This letter is to introduce my friend and business associate, Tom Buck, CPA. I have been working closely with Tom off and on for over a year. He has proved to be extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of tax savings pertaining to the operation of a small or home-based business.Tom and I first met when he came to Northern California and put on a workshop/seminar for our local Nikken group this past April. He spent about three hours telling us how to structure our businesses in order to save on our income taxes. Usually when people sit in a seminar about taxes, they want to fall asleep. Tom, however, was able to keep us all interested and involved. Because of his relaxed, yet upbeat style, we were actually ready to have him go on longer. He speaks in terms that the audience understands and he is careful to be sure that questions are fully and completely answered.

Using the approaches he recommends, our associates learned how they could personally save from $3,000 to $15,000 or more in taxes each year. Tom teaches that we should apply the tax law to our advantage, while still abiding by the law. The way he puts it, the worst-case scenario is that we might have “an honest disagreement” with the IRS over a position we took. Honest disagreements do not get taxpayers in trouble with the IRS.
~ Seiji Y.


“I highly recommend Tom’s training and tax services”

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Mr. Tom Buck, CPA. As I was launching a home-business in May, 2004, my close friend Bob Whitaker referred me to Mr. Buck as an expert on tax and small business accounting issues. After getting some initial help from Mr. Buck via email, I subscribed to his “Personalized Course of Instruction on Tax Saving.” Even though I live in Northern California and Tom lives in Iowa, telephone and email communications proved to be very effective.

Mr. Buck structured the course to match my ability to prepare for each class. The course included assistance in tax implications of each business structure that we needed to evaluate. These lessons made it clear that Tom had the background to provide us with solid information.Tom offers a number of services, and I found his rates to be very reasonable. I chose to use his tax accounting services, payroll services, as well as the tax savings course and have been very happy with the results.

Anyone who has gone through a business startup process knows that there are a great many financial details that must be managed carefully in order to succeed. Tom was able to help with many of these details. We continue to work with Tom as new situations arise in our business. In summary, I highly recommend Tom’s training and tax services to small business owners.
~ Dr. Grant C.


“These great people have saved my life and I am very grateful”

Sometime late in the year 2000, I began to seek professional help for tax trouble I had got myself into. I had six years of un-filed taxes and I knew I was getting myself in deep because I was self-employed and had no withholdings. I checked on a number of places for help, but didn’t feel I could trust any of them. I had made arrangements with a company called JK Harris who wanted $3,000 dollars up front and when I called the next day (all day) no one would even answer the phone! I finally was referred to Tom Buck by a company called Tax Freedom Institute.

When I drove up and met Tom I had a good feeling and that I could trust him. Tom filed all six years and submitted an offer-in-compromise. This had to be done twice because I got a new job and was making more money. The second one was done by a very nice lady that Tom hired. This has been a long stressful experience and I had talked with Tom many times on the phone about wage levies and threatening letters. Tom was able to stop them every time. My offer of $10,000 was just accepted by IRS last week. I owed $58,000!! These great people have saved my life and I am very grateful that I found them.
~ Steve L.


“Help me establish appropriate employment status for family members”

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for Mr. Tom Buck, CPA. I was referred to Mr. Buck by a friend, Bob Whitaker, who is a tax advocate. Upon contacting Mr. Buck in October, 2004, I was happy that Tom and I were able to establish immediate rapport even over the phone. – I live in Northern California and Tom lives in Iowa.Tom told me about his services and I found his rates to be very reasonable. I chose from his list to have him help me establish appropriate employment status for family members in my home based business.

I also chose to pay for a weekly course to help me improve my knowledge about benefits from tax savings and knowledge about following the applicable tax law. Tom guided me through this course at a pace I could handle and was very patient when I had trouble understanding and I had to have him go over material again and again. In addition, Tom was persistent in his guidance when I could not find a local person to provide payroll services. His persistence and information led me to a wonderful person who handles all of my payroll details.

Finally, Tom was very supportive when I chose to stay with my current tax preparer. Tom could have benefited from selling me on the idea that his service was more appropriate for my needs, but he chose instead to be very understanding about my feelings of loyalty. I discovered that Tom knew more about tax law and home based businesses than my long time tax preparer, but Tom advised me to remain with my local person if I was more comfortable with that and he advised me on what I needed to do to educate my local person.
It is for these reasons I will continue to consult with Tom Buck and will continue to refer others to him.
I am enthusiastic about providing more information about my experience with Tom, so feel free to call or write.
~Dr. Armand B.


“Very informative”

I enjoyed listening to your Tax Power CDs on our drive up here. Very informative, but more impressive was the ease of listening and understanding of the content. Thanks again.
~ Marty H.